Citrix Hyperion Instructions


  • Don’t make desktop shortcuts to the Citrix Hyperion url.   You can create favorites once you are logged in to your Citrix session.

 Install Requirements

  • Browser popups must be enabled and not blocked
  • Browser popups may seem to be not visible and will actually be hidden behind any open windows.   Close open windows if you cannot see any popups.
  • User must have admin rights on machine.

Steps to Install the Citrix Client to use Hyperion

Go to – You’ll be prompted to download the citrix client if you do not have it already. Check the “I agree box”  and then click on install.


Click on Save File


You’ll see a small window open at lower right for a brief second while the install happens. Then you’ll be prompted to “Confirm installation is complete”. Click Continue…


You may get a login prompt at this point –  Login using NetID and PW

 The Citrix XenApp screen will open with the “Applications” tab selected.

Now select the Hyperion IE8 icon.




A small window may appear labeled “Opening launch.ica” in the window title bar. Click the radio button for “Open with  – Citrix (default)“. Also, click the checkbox for “Do this automatically …” .





Click on OK and Hyperion will start to open up. A status window in the lower right of your screen will open and then the Hyperion login window will open. At this log in window, enter your NetID and PW.





and then Hyperion should open…



Although not required, you are encouraged to transfer all of your desktop or locally saved Hyperion query documents and data files to your P: drive .

To open a Hyperion document from a network drive, at the top of the Citrix session window, in the URL prompt, type in the drive letter, press the Enter key, and then browse to and select your .BQY file to open.

Refer to the example below for opening a document on a network drive.

Enter the Drive Letter
Enter the Drive Letter
Browse to and Select the .bqy file
Browse to and Select the .bqy file

To open a Hyperion document from your local My Documents folder, click on the “FILE” menu tab on the browser toolbar above the Hyperion toolbar. Then click on “Open”, then click on “Browse”, expand the folder tree until you find “Computer” and NOT “Libraries”. Under “Computer”, expand “Local Disk (C:”, expand “Users”, expand “yournetid.UCONN”, and then browse and select your document.

Refer to the example screen snapshots below for opening a document in your My Documents folder.

Browser File Open
Browser File Open
Browse to drive P:
Browse to drive P:
Select the file on the P: drive
Select the file on the P: drive
Document name appears here.
Document name appears here. Click OK.

To import files from your P: drive or any other network drive, go to your open Citrix Hyperion session and open a document.  Now, click on File, the Import Data, and then click From File. Browse to your drive of choice and select the file you wish to import.

Refer to the example screen snapshots below for importing data files on a P: or network drive.

File, Import Data, From File
File, Import Data,From File

and presented with….

Select the Drive

and finally

Select the File
Select the File

These are the instructions as of January 16, 2014.

If you have any questions or need assistance, please call Mike Long 6×1352, Terrence McBrien 6×5953, or the UITS Help Desk 6×4357